Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Travellers at Lancing park going nowhere fast - Sussex

From the Worthing Herald

TRAVELLERS that set up camp in Monks Rec in Lancing on Saturday are unlikely to be moved on anytime soon according to the parish council.

Six caravans and other vehicles arrived on Saturday morning, and the council is looking to hire a security firm to stop any more entering the site.


Monday, 21 July 2014

'Sensationalised' media reports to blame for hysteria and anti-Traveller feeling - Lincolnshire

From the Lincolnshire Echo

In Lincolnshire, Travellers are given every opportunity to go on their way before consideration is given to forcibly ejecting them from a site.

The county council has a more relaxed and tolerant policy towards the travelling community than most, and, in the past three years, has removed numerous people from its land – but has never prosecuted any of the Travellers involved.


In Depth: the eight new potential Gypsy and Traveller sites under consideration in Dorset

From the Dorset Echo

Dorset County Council has added eight sites to those being considered as potential Gyspy and Traveller sites.

Why are these sites being added to those under consideration?

In a report in September, the council's consultants said there were 150 new pitches needed between now and 2028.

There are 29 households already on the waiting list for a space on a public pitch, with another 59 households either homeless (usually in council housing) living in another household (caravan) or in an authorised encampment. The consultants estimate by 2028 another 63 households will need a pitch, along with the seven living on sites with temporary planning permission.


Gypsy Roma Traveller Police Association launched at Westminster

From the Travellers' Times

THE first ever association representing Police Officers from the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities has been officially launched at Westminster.

The event- which took place in Government buildings at Portcullis House- was chaired by the Shadow Justice Minister, Andy Slaughter MP, was hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Gypsies Travellers and Roma, with support from the Traveller Movement.

The GRTPA was started in September 2013 by Jim Davies, an English Romany Gypsy Officer from Thames Valley Police, and Petr Torak, a Czech Roma Officer from Cambridgeshire, who met by chance at an Association of Chief Police Officers conference. The association has grown quickly and now has over 50 members from the UK and several members from Europe.


Wyndham Park Travellers are still there - Lincolnshire

From Grantham Matters

TRAVELLERS who moved on to the top field in Wyndham Park, with about nine caravans and assorted vehicles, last week, are still there.

They arrived at about midday on Thursday.

The site is close to Wyndham Park Day Nursery as well as the children’s play area.


Travellers pitch up next to Hednesford Town ground - Staffordhire

From the Express and Star

Around six caravans pulled onto privately-owned land next to Hednesford Town Football Club in Keys Park Road at the weekend.

Councillors say they will visit the site this week to try and move the group on.

Ward councillor Alan Pearson said: "I believe the land next to the ground is private so it may not be as easy to move the Travellers on as we would like.

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Travellers Return for 3rd Time to Birchenwood Carpark - Staffordshire

From Whitehill Online

It has happened again! Travellers have returned to Birchenwood Car park in Kidsgrove for the 3rd time in a matter of months.

The Travellers arrived on Sunday evening at around 7.30pm driving onto the car park and setting up home for what will realistically be the next week at least, give the speed at which Newcastle Borough Council acts over these issues.


Mystery over caravan fire at Elgin Travellers site - Moray

From the Press and Journal

Firefighters battled two serious blazes in Moray yesterday.

Mystery surrounds the circumstances of the first fire, which broke out at a Travellers site about two miles from Elgin.


Court order to evict Bromsgrove Travellers will take several days - Worcestershire

From the Bromsgrove Standard

BROMSGROVE District Council has said it could be by the end of this week or early next week before a court order is served to the Travellers in Charford.

Speaking to The Standard today (Monday), a spokesperson told us the paperwork would be submitted today or tomorrow (Tuesday) but the documentation to present to the illegal encampment will not be ready until at least Friday.

The Travellers have been occupying the Charford Recreation Ground, off Lyttleton Avenue, since Thursday night (July 17) and there are now more than 30 vehicles or caravans on the site.


How does Lincolnshire County Council deal with Travellers?

From the Lincolnshire Echo

How many days are Travellers given, before action is taken against them, if they pitch up on a site that is council land?

There is no set number of days given to Gypsies /Travellers before action is taken. The site is visited by the Gypsy and Traveller liaison officer and assessed based on a number of factors, including the location of the encampment, numbers of caravans and vehicles, whether there are any health and safety issues, environmental matters, welfare needs, current usage of the land, behaviour etc. Based on the information obtained, a site may be tolerated and monitored for a short period of time or formal proceedings may be taken immediately. Each encampment is dealt with on an individual basis.

How much does the council spend on removing them?